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Which laser detector or laser jammer: HP905 Triple, HP905 Quad, Laser ShifterPro or ShifterPro Quad? Radar test of STiR Plus, STi Magnum, Passport 9500ci, Passport Max and Passport 9500ci.

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John, First, I want to thank you for your advice and assistance. The install of the Beltronics STiR Plus went well and the advice you gave me when I ran into problems fixed the issue. Second, It WORKS. In the short period of time that my system has been up and running, it has saved the day twice. With the fast driving awards we have in my state it has more than paid for itself in fines alone. Not counting the hassle that I would have gone through.  Again, Thank You for your advice and a product that works. Jack


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- Which is better, the K40 RL360i Radar Detector or Beltronics STiR Plus?
Our Radar Experts provide advice on a radar laser detector, laser jammer, radar jammer or photo blocker? We are an authorized dealer for Beltronics, Escort Radar and the Blinder HP905 Quad, Laser Jammer. Escort Passport and Beltronics have banned these WEB companies from radar detector sales. We are the only dealer, who test radar detectors with Speed Measurement Laboratories in El Paso, TX. The New Laser ShifterPro is now available with WEB UPDATES. We have test experience on the Passport 9500ix, Passport Max, STiR Plus, Escort Redline, STi Magnum, Valentine One, Passport 9500ci, ProdB photoblocker and Blinder HP905 laser jammer!
- Do you want Performance or Low Cost? Performance is what we are about!!! Doesn't do you any good to get a poor radar detector and laser jammer, and then get a speeding ticket for lack of performance. Our ProDB Photo Blocker easily defeats speed cameras, such as the Grafton Road, Speed Camera in Camden, UK, which rakes in about 2.5 Million Pounds in fines per year. That is not about Safety! It is about taxes!
We get great compliments on our Product Knowledge and Customer Support. Each radar laser detector has Full Warranty. We maintain a list of the BEST INSTALLERS! If you purchased a Radar Laser Detector from us, call for installer support!
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Call us to discuss which radar laser detector is best to purchase from 1stRadarDetectors. Defeat traffic cameras with our photo blocker. Radar laser, photo speed camera and 3D GPS navigation are combined in the new SmartRadar from Escort Radar. Buy the laser jammer called HP905 lasser jammer with best test results to defeat laser guns. Call us on Beltronics, Passport 9500ix, Valentine One or a laser jammer. The Laser ShifterPro now provides WEB updates. The ProDB PhotoBlocker detects, blocks the camera image and alerts you to their attempt to photograph your license plate.

High Performance to Provide Security and Generate Confidence

Radar detector test completed on the Passport MAX at SML for Escort Radar in June 2013. We test Beltronics, Passport Max, Valentine One and Escort Passport radar laser detectors. We are the Authorized Dealer for Blinder HP905, Beltronics and Escort Radar. How does K40 Difuser G5 or K40 Difuser EX compare to HP905 Quad, Laser Interceptor and ShifterPro? Call us on test results. Discuss a radar jammer, speed camera, radar detectors, laser jammers and photo blockers that you can buy.

How does the Passport Max compare to the Passort 9500ix? How does Passport Max compare to Escort Redline and STi Magnum? Watch videos about defeating a laser jammer and speed camera. Discuss radar jammers and Photo Radar and Speed Camera Detectors. Laser ShifterPro provides laser diodes and WEB UPDATES. CycleWorld reviews the motorcycle radar detector.

DEMAND Proof of Product Claims!

1stRadarDetectors attends the radar test conducted by Speed Measurement Labs, SML, the radar laser authority. Speeding tickets have doubled and tripled around the world because tax funds have dropped, so don’t be a victim. We radar test Beltronics and Escort Radar claims with SML each year to verify the best radar laser, such as Passport 9500ix or Valentine One. Beltronics provides the STi Magnum and the STi-R Plus, which can be combined with a laser jammer. The very best radar laser combo package is the STiR Plus and HP-905 Quad. Call to add a single Speed Camera Photo Blocker, normally $499.95, added at no additional cost to our Beltronics STiR Plus, Blinder HP905 Quad and HP905 Dual combo order. Consider the Laser Interceptor, or the new ShifterPro by Escort Radar. BUYER's GUIDE.


Very Best Speed Measurement Laboratories


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Radar Test and Reviews

Call to buy a top radar detector and laser jammer with a photoblocker.

CREDIBILITY: 1stRadarDetectors tested the best radar detectors with Speed Measurement Labs and Escort Radar, June 2012.

ETHICS: Videos of product tests describe superb performance. Call to discuss your requirements and Installation support. Review videos above.

TECHNOLOGY: We combine the best from Beltronics and Escort Radar with State of the Art Photo Radar Speed Blocker.

STiR Plus radar detector and the HP905 Quad laser jammer are the two very best radar laser products that you can install on your vehicle. The STiR Plus will alert to all photo speed cameras in the USA and Canada, alert to every radar speed trap, remember where local false alert locations are and stop alerting the the local false radar, provides WEB downloads, and is 100% electronically invisible to every radar detector detector, RDD, around the world. Combine the STiR Plus with the HP905 Quad laser jammer and you have an absolutely unbeatable protection on your vehicle. If you want even more performance, add an HP905 Dual Laser jammer, and put 3 laser modules in front and 3 in back for superb front rear laser protection. If you go with the HP905 Dual, Bel STir Plus and HP905 Quad package, we will provide a Speed Camera, Photo Blocker, retail $499.95 for one of your license plates, and a gray radar detector visor holder, retail $39.95 at no additional cost. this is offered only with this particular Combo Package.

Radar Detector or Laser Jammer

Call us if you have questions on the Bel STiR Plus radar detector, the HP905 Quad laser jammer, the new Passport Max radar detector or the Passport 9500ix.

1stRadarDetectors tested radar detectors for Escort Radar at Speed Measurement Laboratories annual radar detector test in June 2012. The new Laser ShifterPro is now available with WEB Updates and two laser diode modules.

Laser Interceptor is updated to all new laser gun codes and provides superb laser speed trap protection. Anti-Laser laser jammer has not been updated to the new Laser Ally gun codes or Kustom Pro 4 laser gun codes.

Hi John, I received my radar detector and send an email to say thanks for providing great service and a great product. I'm glad to have another bel detector and find the sti magnum much better in all areas. I will inform anyone I talk to of your great service and store. Thank you, as the package was perfect, as was the description. Thanks Sean

Passport Max Detects Speed Camera
Call if you have questions on the Photo Radar Speed Camera Blocker. The video at top right shows how effective the Photo Radar Blocker defeats speed cameras. Check out our Buyer's Guide. 

John's military experience is Marine Corps, A6 Intruder Jet Radar Systems. We manufacture our own photo speed camera Photo blocker and APC Auto Power Control.

Our Focus: Customer Support, Performance, Good Price, providing superb radar, laser, photo experience, news articles, test reviews, videos, installers.



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