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Cheetah M27, Laser Jammer, Motorcycle

Cheetah M27, Laser Jammer, Motorcycle

Cheetah M27, Laser Jammer, Motorcycle - $ TBD

This Motrocycle laser jammer has been replaced with the more effective, higher performance, HP-905 Dual Laser jammer. Laser Jammers for motorcycles include laser detector and laser jammer and includes a Wireless Helmet Display. It is packaged as the Cheetah M27. This product includes FREE FedEx Ground shipping in the USA! The Cheetah M27 also allows you to hook up a Bel STi Driver or Valentine One to the wireless helmet alerts. Wireless radar laser alerts are transmitted to your helmet wireless LED alert.

The laser jammer is called the Cheetah M27 motorcycle laser jammer. The Cheetah M27 is a superb motorcycle laser jammer providing wireless helmet displays and wireless helmet alerts. Short cables and water tight fittings are provided for all motorcycles, including Harley Davidson, the GSX1300R Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki motorcycles, Honda motorcycles as well as the BMW motorcycle.

The Cheetah M27 can be updated with new jammer codes as new laser guns are introduced. If you like the Bel STi Driver or Valentine One radar detector, each of these superb radar detectors can be used to send wireless radar alerts to your motorcycle helmet. This motorcycle laser jammer protects all motorcycles and cruisers around the world. Don't worry about the laser guns when they try to aim at your motorcycle.

The Wireless Helmet Display is battery operated with a typical 40 hours ride time. It is motion sensitive and switches itself off 10 minutes after the jammer is switched off and no movement is detected. The motorcycle laser jammer allows you to hook up a Valentine One or Bel STi Driver from Beltronics to the wireless helmet alerts. Get protected by blanking the laser gun until you adjust your speed. Combine the Cheetah M27 Laser Jammer with the STi Driver for best overall photo, radar and laser protection. Combine the Cheetah M27 with the Valentine One radar detector for front and rear radar detection plus laser jamming in Europe. Combine the motorcycle laser jammer with a Beltronics radar detector, such as the STi Driver for laser protection radar detection and invisibility to radar detector detectors. If you drive in Eastern Canada and any location in the USA, Virginia and Australia, the laser jammer and Bel STi with wireless helmet aerts and displays if the right combo package.

A laser gun can record your speed in less than two tenths (0.2) of a second, so even if the best radar/laser detector alerts you, it is too late to react since your speed has already been recorded. The Cheetah M27 laser jammer stops police laser from working, giving you valuable time to adjust your speed if you need to. Using speed trap alerts effectively on a motorcycle has always been difficult...until now.

Combine the Cheetah M27 Rider Motorcycle laser jammer, which replaces the Cheetah M25, with the Valentine One radar detector, giving you 360 degree laser protection as well as 360 degree radar detection in one package. Click on the button under the product image to select the Cheetah M27 Rider + Valentine One.

If you want the best "out of the box" waterproof laser jammer for motorcycle laser protection, you need the Cheetah Rider M27 laser jammer.


  • Laser Jammers for Motorcycles - Cheetah M27, laser jammer heads modified for all motorcycles
  • Front and rear motorcycle laser jammer modules fitted with waterproof connectors
  • Shortened cable lengths on laser heads (2 meters) make for easier bike installs
  • Modified Blinder control box - waterproof interface box combined with an internal wireless transmitter, waterproof status LED and waterproof connectors
  • Waterproof Power On/Off switch with powder-coated handlebar bracket
  • Unique Smart power supply only turns on detectors and jammers for as long as the engine is running
  • Easy self install - no messing with your bike's electrics
  • Wireless LED helmet Alert warns of laser guns being used
  • Discreet visual warning for all jammer alerts
  • Wireless - no cables attaching you to the bike
  • Daylight sensitive automatic dimming at night
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Battery powered 40 plus hours of riding time
  • Wireless Alert Motion Sensitive powers up when you move your helmet
  • Wireless Alert Automatic Shut-down - after 10 minutes of no motion
  • Fits all styles of helmet. Full-face/flip-face: the LED display is easily mounted inside the helmet.
  • Open-face/cruiser-style: use the boom arm accessory provided
  • Contoured base plate fits nearly all brands of helmet
  • Optional Bel STi Driver and Wireless STi transmitter Wireless Alerts to Helmet, Long ix power cord + Cheetah M27 Laser Jammer
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