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Shifter ZR4 / ShifterPro
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Shifter ZR4 / ShifterPro

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Escort Radar provides a Shifter ZR4, which isreplaced by the ShifterPro, which is a laser jammer and laser detector. Tested at Speed Measurement Labs, June 2014, and the ShifterPro has been updated to jam the most recent laser jammers, as of June 2014, and provides superb laser jammer results. The ShifterPronow hasWEB updates, and achieved a 5.0STAR performance rating.

When using theShifterPro on the highway by itself or plugged into the Beltronics STiR Plus or passport 9500ci, if you encounter a laser speed trap; the Remote Mute button can also be used to manually shut off the laser transceivers once you have adjsuted your speed. Since some laser guns provide “jamming” codes in the laser gun, this discrete technique can be useful to avoid unwanted attention. Simply press the installed Remote Mute Button, or the mute button located on the Display Controller twice during a laser alert. All SHIFTERS will cease to transmit, and the alert LED will stop flashing and remain on. This indicates that you are now in “receive only” mode. The ShifterPro remain in the “receive only” mode for approximately sixty seconds, giving you time to pass the speed trap. Once this time has expired, the alert LED will turn off, and a double beep tone will be given, indicating that the SHIFTERS are now back in the “active” mode.

Escort Passport designed the ShifterPro with twolaser modules or optional ShifterPro Quad. The Escort laser jammer is a superb advancement over the previous Shifter ZR4. The Passport laser jammer improves software codes to block Kustom Pro III, LTI laser guns, the new Stalker LZ1 laser gun and the Laser Atlanta laser gun in normal mode, as well as the dual pulse, stealth mode. This compact laser jammer is manufactured in North America.

Introduced by Cincinnati Microwave and Escort Radar, the shifter pro is a laser jammer that provides two laser shifter modules for the front grille, and a third laser shifter installs on the front or rear license plate. If you are running a larger truck such as Chevy Silverado, HUMMER H2, Ford F250, etc., install the 3rd laser jammer on the front license plate. If front and rear laser detection and laser jamming is required on a large vehicle, install all 3 laser modules in the front. If installing on a standard passenger vehicle or small SUV, install two laser shifters in front and the 3rd laser shifter on the back license plate. The compact display provides red text alerts for frontlaser shifters and is very user friendly. The Passport laser jammer provides both laser detection and laser jamming, and is pre-programmed for laser detection only for use in states permitting laser detection only. It can be easily programmed for laser detection and laser jamming. The ShifterProlaser jammer is an option to the Escort 9500ix, Escort 8500 X50 radar detectors; as well as the Beltronics radar detectors and the newSTiR Plusremote radar detector.

For your convenience, we have also packaged the ShifterPro with the Passport 9500ix Blue as a combo radar laser radar detector package.

The laser jammer and Escort 9500ix radar detector with blue display is excellent for drivers in Canada, USA, Chile, Mexico and South America.


  • ShifterPro provides WEB downloads
  • ShifterPro Defeats 13 of the 13 known laser guns
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