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Laser Jammer, Blinder M27 Product Details

Blinder M27 Rear installation
Blinder M27 Rear installation shown
Take a look at
Take a look at the new M47 interface. It has a mini-USB connector on the back to connect to your laptop, so you can download new jamming codes to your M47 or M27 laser jammer. The power swith has also changed from the previous Blinder M25 and M45 laser jammers, in that this switch is a 3 way switch supporting Power Off, Park Assist only, Laser Jam Only.
Laser Atlanta gun view
Laser Atlanta gun view - What they see when you are driving towards them. The Blinder will protect you.
Stalker LZ-1 Laser gun,
Stalker LZ-1 Laser gun, as with all laser guns, is aimed at the vehicle. The laser beam is quite narrow, and even if you are the 3rd car back in a group of vehicles, the LZ-1 can point your vehicle out for speed detection, unless you have a Blinder.

One of the two best laser jammers is the Blinder M27. It will detect all laser guns and jam to gun all laser guns at the front of the vehicle. When laser is detected, the Blinder M27 alerts the driver immediately. The laser jammer is designed with two laser jammer heads located in the front grille. The M27 Laser Jammers have tested #1 in performance since 2000! And now this laser jammer includes a new Park Assist mode to help you park in your garage, or to switch into Park Assist as needed on the highway.

WHEN YOU FIRST TURN THE BLINDER M27 ON, leave power on for one minute and listen to the interface module beep as it downloads the latest jam codes to each of the two laser modules. When this download is complete on first start up, you are ready to drive the highways, protected by the M27 laser jammer.

Tested recently at Speed Measurement Labs, nine of the most frequently used laser guns were used.

Nine of the leading laser guns were used in the Speed Measurement Labs test in El Paso, Texas including:

Kustom Pro Laser II, 200 pps

Kustom Pro Laser III, 200 pps

Kustom ProLite+, 200 pps

Kustom ProLite, 200 pps

LTI TruSpeed, 200.3 pps

LTI TruCam

LTI 20/20, 125pps

LTI Ultralyte LR, 100pps

Laser Atlanta SpeedLaser, 238pps in Normal mode, 68pps in Stealth mode

Stalker LZ-1, 130 pps

Eagle Eye, 915nm wavelength, (newest laser gun on 2010)

Laser guns transmit pulses of infrared light at different pulses per second (pps), also referred to as pulse repetition frequency (PRF). Of the 162 passes on these 9 laser guns, the Blinder M47 laser jammer, M27 Blinder laser jammer and Cheetah M27, motorcycle laser jammer jammed each laser gun on each laser pass. Two laser guns used in Europe were not available at Speed Measurement Labs, but Blinder Denmark has tested against the two Traffipatrol laser guns with Jam to Gun test results.

Euro Robot Traffipatrol, 100pps

Euro Robot Traffipatrol XR, 3000 to 4000 pps)

The Laser Blinder M27 jams the speed display reading of all laser guns, such as Stalker LZ1, LTI Ultralyte, Laser Atlanta, Kustom Pro III and Laser Atlanta, giving you time to adjust your speed. Shut the M27 laser jammer off after adjusting your speed and allow laser gun to detect your “adjusted speed”. The Blinder M27 laser jammer is superb.

When any one of the laser jammer heads detect the laser gun within 300 – 400 feet, that laser head starts to jam the gun. As the distance increases and the laser beam diameter increases (laser beam gets wider as distance to laser gun increases), lets say 300 meters or 1000 feet, the wider laser beam is detected by more laser modules, thus more jamming modules turn on to blank the laser gun display. The older laser guns suchj as LTI 2020 and Kustom Pro II had wide laser beams, while the new laser guns such as Stalker LZ1 and Laser Atlanta have more narrow, laser beam.

Any one of the laser modules will detect and jam all police laser guns at any distance from the laser gun around the world: USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Chile, AUS, NZ, Hong Kong, Europe, Asia.

See details on main page for Ticket Rebate program. Blinder USA will not reimburse laser speeding tickets under the following conditions:

1) Speeding in a School or Hospital Zone;

2) Driving Under the Influence (DUI);

3) Driving more than 25mph over the posted speed limit;

4) Your speeding violation was a radar ticket, not a laser ticket;

5) Another person driving your vehicle.


  • Detects and blocks all laser guns made today in Europe, Asia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Australia, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.
  • Scans constantly for laser acquisition
  • Very small package for easy, hidden installation.
  • Defeats all laser guns with "Jam to Gun" performance
  • Two Laser modules provide front coverage on license plate and headlights
  • Ticket Rebate Guarantee - The Blinder M27 is that Good!

The Blinder M27 Laser Jammer Detects and blocks all laser guns made in Europe, Asia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Australia, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

It does not matter where the laser gun was made. We have tested against all of them and the laser jammer defeats them all, even the most difficult Stalker LZ-1, LTI Ultralyte and the Laser Atlanta in Stealth mode.

Scans constantly for laser acquisition.

The M27 laser jammer has been tested against every laser jammer in the world at Speed Measurement Labs. 1stRadarDetectors works with SML every year to determine which products provide the best performance, and the M27 is the best.

Very small package for easy, hidden installation.

Each laser jamming module is compact and easy to locate in the grille, near the license plate or on the rear bumper.

Defeats all laser guns with "Jam to Gun" performance.

Guys of Lidar has confirmed the M27 laser jammer is the very best performance at any distance that a laser jammer can provide today.

Defeats constantly when laser is detected.

The Blinder M27 will consistently blank the laser gun as long as it detects the laser signal.

Two Laser Blockers provide front coverage on license plate and headlights.

Install two front modules in the grille.

Ticket Rebate Guarantee - The Blinder M27 is that Good!

The M27 laser jammer offers a Ticket Rebate, since its performance is so good, we know if they use a laser gun against an M27, they can not get your speed.

Speed Measurement Labs performance review below can be summarized in this Carl For's quote: "It successfully defeated every laser gun, every time, in every targeting circumstance, from every distance. SML does not condone nor promote the use of any countermeasure, but admires the technological superiority of the Blinder in rendering useless laser speed gun enforcement."


The laser gun sends out a very narrow laser beam filled with invisible light pulses, pointed at your license plate or headlights. The laser beam reflects off your vehicle, back to the laser gun.

The time required from transmission until the reflection is received is calculated by the laser gun's computer. This measurement is made about 70 times in 1/3 of a second for fast, high accuracy.


A laser module adds laser "noise" to the reflected signal. The laser shifter correctly analyzes the incoming laser gun pulse, which is different from manufacture to manufacturer, and gets past the laser gun filters to cause the speed gun display panel to remain blank.

The various laser gun signal profiles are stored in processor memory, and when a laser signal is detected, the first 3 of 70 pulses are analyzed to define what code we use to mimic their signal with noise. By the time the 4th pulse is detected, the M25 has already blanked the laser gun display. This analysis and response occurs extremely fast, and the laser gun never had a chance to display the speed of your vehicle!

The Blinder laser jammer constantly scans for laser, but defeats only during the alert phase, thus provides long life for the product. When laser is detected, the Laser Warning System installed in the driver's compartment provides warning, giving the driver time to check vehicle speed.

After speed is checked and adjusted, the driver should turn off the system to enable the officer to detect your vehicle's adjusted speed. Once past the speed trap, turn it back on.


The authoritative Field Test Report by Speed Measurement Laboratories, points out the importance that a laser jammer must be installed in the grille area, not up in the windshield, as some products offer.

If you have a product that claims to jam laser from the windshield, the laser gun can not be defeated when they aim the very narrow beam down in the grille. Police don’t aim the laser gun beam up in the windshield, since the laser beam will go in the front and out the back windshield. They aim at highly reflective surfaces: such as the headlights, front and rear license plates…down in the grille!!!

State Laws regarding Laser Jammers:

The following states ban the use of laser jammers: Texas (as of 1 September 2011);Minnesota, South Carolina, Minnesota (Statutes 2002, 169.14), California (Sec. 1, Ch 493.28150) and Utah (C. 41-6-52.7, 1998), Nebraska, Virginia, Illinois, Colorado and Tennessee. Our products are road-certified for high performance by Speed Measurement Laboratories. Neither Speed Measurement Laboratories nor condones speeding.

Laser Jammer, Blinder M27 - $600.00
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