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Shifter ZR4 / ShifterPro Product Details

Escort Shifter ZR4 Laser
Escort Shifter ZR4 Laser Shifter Package, which can be optionally included with the Passport 9500ix radar detector with Blue display.
Quick reference on the
Quick reference on the ShifterZR4 Controls and Remote Mute Button
Passport ZR4 laser shifter
Passport ZR4 laser shifter plugs into the new Escort Passport 9500ci and Passport 9500ix radar detector
The Escort Passport 8500
The Escort Passport 8500 X50 works seamlessly with the new Escort ZR4 laser shifter.
The Passport ZR4 Shifter
The Passport ZR4 Shifter is included as part of the new Passport 9500ci radar detector and laser jamming product.

The Shifter ZR4 is designed by Escort Radar as a laser jammer, also called a laser shifter. It provides 3 laser blockers with 2 laser shifters installed into the front grille and 1 laser shifter installed onto the rear license plate or the front license plate. We tested the ZR4 Shifter at Speed Measurement Labs in 2010 and while it does not offer WEB updates, it received superb laser jammer results.Some larger vehicles will need all 3 laser shifters up front, depending on the grille size of your vehicle.

The Remote Mute button can also be used to manually shut off the laser transceivers once you have corrected your speed. Since some laser guns provide “jamming” codes for the officer, this can be useful to avoid any undue attention. Simply press the installed Remote Mute Button, or the mute button located on the Display Controller twice during a laser alert. All SHIFTERS will cease to transmit, and the alert LED will stop flashing and remain on. This indicates that you are now in “receive only” mode.

The SHIFTER ZR4 is shipped in the “laser receive only” mode. You can easily turn "laser Shift" on during initial start up. When getting a laser shift (laser jam) alert, slow down and press mute, switching to Detect Only for approximately sixty seconds, giving you time to pass the speed trap. Once this time has expired, the alert LED will turn off, and a double beep tone will be given, indicating that the SHIFTER ZR4 is now back in the “active” laser shift mode.


  • Plug in Installation using Modular Connections
  • Front and Rear protection
  • Automatic Brightness Control to the display
  • Remote Mute / Manual “Receive Only Mode”
  • Self Diagnostics with Error Indication
  • Shift+Link is compatible with the Passport 9500ix, Passport Qi45, Escort Redline and Bel STi Driver radar detectors
  • Front and Rear Mounted Laser Transceivers

What is LIDAR?

LASER technology used to measure speed is actually called LIDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging. This light is invisible to the human eye, and is very difficult to detect.

How do LASER Guns work?

LIDAR guns project a beam of invisible infrared light. This light, or signal, is transmitted in a series of very short pulses, which move in a straight and narrow line to the target vehicle. Once this signal hits your vehicle, the light bounces back to the LIDAR gun. Your speed is then calculated by measuring the change in distance over time.

How widespread is LIDAR?

It's estimated that over 25,000 LIDAR guns are in use today with Ohio, NY, FL, CA TX, TN, NC, PA, IN, Canada being the highest usage or laser guns. This number is growing every day. In some areas it has become the standard issue for law enforcement.

How serious a threat is LIDAR?

LIDAR is a newer technology for measuring speed than conventional radar, therefore, you may not encounter it on a daily basis. However, LIDAR is much more accurate, and because the signal (beam of light) is much narrower, it is extremely difficult to detect. In fact, some of the best radar/laser detectors may not provide enough warning to adjust your speed.

How do I defend myself against LIDAR?

Introducing the new Passport ZR4 Laser Shifter, the ultimate Escort laser (LIDAR) defense system. The new Escort ZR4 Shifter is equipped with a total of three (2 front, 1 rear) laser "Shifters." These highly sensitive transceivers detect the presence of LIDAR, and respond with a pulsed laser signal in order to "Shift" or confuse the targeting LIDAR gun.

Do I need front and rear LIDAR protection?

YES! Law enforcement officers can target your vehicle from the front or the rear. Some speed traps are designed with the officer positioned on an entrance ramp, providing no visual indication of their presence. The rear sensor of the Passport ZR4 Laser Shifter protects you from this kind of ambush.

Is Laser "Shifting" safe?

YES! The Food and Drug Administration regulates the use of Laser. The Laser Shifter ZR3 is safe, and accurate against targeting laser guns. However, this type of product may be limited or prohibited in some jurisdictions.

There are no federal laws restricting the use of laser jammers. However, some states may regulate their use. The use of laser jammers is prohibited and/or restricted in California, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Utah. Check your local laws before using the laser "shifting" feature of the ZR3.

What control do I have over the Laser Shifter ZR3?

The Laser Shifter ZR3 is packed with useful features including front and rear indicators, volume control, mute, and manual "receive only" mode (patent pending). Since some of the LIDAR guns are equipped with "jamming codes," our exclusive "receive only" mode allows you to disarm the shifters during an alert - minimizing attention from the targeting officer.

Can I use the Laser Shifter ZR3 with my current radar/laser detector?

Yes. In fact, Escorts' exclusive design allows you to "link" the new Laser Shifter ZR3 to the award-winning Passport 8500 X50, providing excellent protection against all forms of radar and laser encounters. This combination of detection and "Laser Shifting" is the best protection available. See below for more information about linking the Laser Shifter ZR3 and Passport 8500 X50.

The Laser Shifter ZR3 may also be used to add laser jamming capability to the custom installed Passport SR7. For instructions on how to combine the Passport SR7 and the Laser Shifter ZR3, see below.

Comes Fully Equipped The Laser Shifter ZR3 comes complete with a comprehensive owner's manual, installation instructions, two front laser transceivers, one rear laser transceiver, in-car display controller, remote mute button, 12-volt interface with modular connections, complete wiring harnesses, mounting hardware, and Link Cable for connecting to the Passport 9500i, Passport 9500ix, 8500 X5 and SR7 Remote.

Legal Issues:

The following states ban the sale and use of laser jammers: Minnesota (Statutes 2002, 169.14), California (Sec. 1, Ch 493.28150) and Utah (C. 41-6-52.7, 1998). Also, Tennessee, Nebraska, Virgina, Oklahoma. Our products are road-certified for high performance by Speed Measurement Laboratories. Neither Speed Measurement Laboratories nor condones speeding.

Quality Product

This product is designed and manufactured under strict quality control. All products are carefully tested and packaged for shipment. You will find the enclosure is very sturdy for any kind of weather. With new surface mount (SMT) technology, manufacturing costs have been down, while providing a very nice looking product with highest performance available.


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