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Shifter ZR4 / ShifterPro Installation

Install all laser shifter
Install all laser shifter modules level and pointed straight down the highway.
The reason the laser
The reason the laser shifters have to be installed level is to ensure the laser power goes out to the laser gun, not down into the road surface or up into the sky!

Easy to Install

Escort ZR4 laser shifter can be installed to operate independently, or to interface directly into the Passport 9500ix, Passport 9500ci remote, Bel STi Driver and Bel STi-R remote, Escort 8500 X50, Passport SR7 and Escort SRX radar detector.

However you decide to install, ensure the front Shifter ZR4 modules are installed level and pointed straight down the highway.

Many of our competitors direct their customers to the corporate electronic shops that claim to do fast work. But quality work and fine details are not part of the Fast Installers business. Locate a good, local Stereo Installation shop to provide professional work for you. The Corporate install shops are there for speed, not detail and thoughful work. Average shops generally do not listen to what you want, and typically do not do what you ask. We will work with your local shop and verify they are qualified for this installation.

If you feel your local shop is not well qualified to install your laser shifter ZR4 and may not do what you want for your vehicle, consider taking a vacation to Denver, Colorado, and let our installation shop provide a superb installation for you.


Radar Detector Shift+Link Compatibility

  • What does "linking" a radar detector (Passport 8500 X50 or Passport 9500ci radar detector to the Laser Shifter ZR4 mean? The ZR4Laser Shifter can be integrated, or "linked" to the Passport 8500 X50 or Passport 9500i using the ZR4 "link" cable, included with the Passport ZR4.

When the Passport ZR4 is linked to one of these Escort radar detectors, all visual and audible alerts are generated through the radar detector, eliminating the use of the ZR4 laser jammer display controller.

Once the radar detector is connected to the ZR4, you may use the detector's Program Mode to control how the ZR4 Laser Shifter operates.

  • How can I tell if my Escort radar detector has the ability to link with the Laser Shifter ZR4? All Passport 8500 detectors shipped after February 11, 2002 have Shifter Code which allows them to "link" to the Laser Shifter ZR4. Also, all Passport 8500 X50, SR7 radar detector and Escort SRX Remote have the "Shift+Link" capability.

  • Does the Laser Shifter ZR4 work with other radar detectors? The Shifter ZR4 may be used along with any radar detector. However, the only detectors with the ability to directly "link" to the Laser Shifter ZR4 are the Escort Passport 8500 X50 and Escort Passport SR7 radar detectors.


The following instructions are to be used when adding the Laser Shifter ZR4 to the Passport SR7 remote radar and laser detector. In this configuration, the Passport SR7 will have Laser Shifting capabilities.

  1. Open the Passport SR7 package and remove the front and rear laser sensors. These are not used in this configuration.
  2. Open the Laser Shifter ZR4 package and remove the two (2) front Laser Shifters, and the rear Laser Shifter. All of these will be used in the installation.
  3. Using the Passport SR7 instructions (section B), plug the two (2) front Laser Shifters into the Y-Connector (marked "Optional ZR4 Connector") supplied with the SR7.
  4. Plug this Y-connector into the SR7 interface marked "Front Laser."
  5. Use the rear Laser Shifter for section "G" per the SR7 instructions, and plug it into the SR7 interface marked "Rear Laser."
  6. Follow the remaining instructions for the Passport SR7.
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