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Laser Jammer, Blinder M47 Replaces M45

Laser Jammer, Blinder M47 Replaces M45

Laser Jammer, Blinder M47 Replaces M45 - $749.95

Blinder M47 and Blinder M45 are now superseded by the HP-905 Compact Laser Defense. Blinder M47 and M45 is no longer available.

HP-905 Compact Quad - HP-905 Compact Triple - HP-905 Compact Dual

If you want the best laser jammer, the Blinder M45 was replaced by the HP-905 Compact Quad.

The M47 Laser Jammer offers a Ticket Rebate if you were to get a laser speeding ticket, (see Details Page).

The M47 laser jammer is a superb advancement over the Blinder M45. Our laser jammers have tested #1 in performance since 1999 and now the Blinder M47 is even better at defeating Stalker LZ1, LTI LR200 and Laser Atlanta Speed Laser guns with dual pulse stealth mode. The laser jammer detects and jams all police laser guns used around the world and provides plug-and-play installation and high performance in a compact design. We provide a discount when you buy the Blinder M47 as a combo package with the Bel STi Driver, Beltronics STi-R, Passport 9500ix, Escort 9500ci or Valentine One radar detector. Here is why the Blinder M47 is the best laser jammer in the world:

1) The Blinder Laser Jammer provides 4 laser modules that permit both front and rear laser detection and jamming;

2) The laser jammer has been tested by Speed Measurement Labs for the last 10 years with #1 performance in police laser jamming every year;

3) Provides Jam to Gun, JTG, performance using long life LED components, rather than laser diodes that produce too much heat;

4) Easily defeats all laser guns, such as the Kustom Pro III, LTI TruSpeed, Laser Atlanta and TraffiPatrol laser guns by blanking the speed display while you adjust your speed;

5) It analyzes the incoming laser beam to determine which laser gun is being used;

6) Jamming the laser beam gives you time to adjust your speed while blanking the laser gun display;

7) False Alerts are minimized from the updated Blinder M47 software;

The laser jammer is typically installed in the grille or under the bumper. Even the best laser guns out there, such as the Laser Atlanta Stealth laser gun, Stalker LZ1 laser gun, LTI laser guns, Kustom Pro III laser guns are useless against the Blinder M47. Combine a laser jammer and the best radar detector in the world by clicking on the Blinder M47 + Bel STi Driver button under the product picture above. The combo package discounts the Blinder M47 and STi Driver by $40. Buy the M47 laser jammer.


  • Laser Jammer Feature: New laser detector with J17 SC upgrades for optimal detection of all the police laser guns
  • New Feature: Custom laser jamming LEDs to give optimal jamming output from the new high powered, infrared LEDs
  • New Feature: Interface supplies increased voltage to the new infrared LEDs
  • New Feature: Improved Software to detect and jam all the latest police laser guns in Europe, Asia and the Americas
  • New Feature: Provides improved police laser gun detection with fewer false alerts
  • Superb Laser Detection & Active Jamming of all laser guns in Americas, Europe, Asia
  • Waterproof; Resistant to false noise from sunlight and road reflections
  • Jams all police laser guns from any distance all the way to the laser gun
  • Provides time for the driver to adjust their speed
  • Superb, hidden in the grille, high performance police laser gun protection for Hummer H2, Suburban, Excursion, Escalade SUVs
  • Scans constantly for police laser, locks on to laser pulse rate, blanks the gun speed display until you have a chance to react to the alert and adjust your speed
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