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PRS Escort 9500ci, Blinder HP-905 Triple

PRS Escort 9500ci, Blinder HP-905 Triple

PRS Escort 9500ci, Blinder HP-905 Triple - $2349.00
Retail Price is: $2489.85

The Escort Passport 9500ci and Blinder HP-905 Compact Triple Laser Jammer is a very high performance combo system providing hidden radar detector, superb laser jammer front and rear, photo radar alerts, WEB downloads on 9500ci photo radar locations and Blinder HP-905 laser gun jamming codes. This system will easly prevent a speeding ticket. Call 1-720-635-39311-720-635-3931 on questions you have.

Combo Includes: Passport 9500ci, Blinder HP-905 Compact Triple for front laser jamming, Shifter ZR4 for rear laser jamming, Gray Visor Holder added at no additional cost, total Value of $2490 combo package for only $2349.00, providing a $140 discount off the HP-905 Triple. Order now and get the Passport 9500ci, Blinder HP-905 Compact Triple laser jammer and gray visor holder. Please read the radar detector review.

The 9500ci install proved again to be one of the two best radar detectors for remote install. The Escort 9500ci provides FREE Shipping in the Continental United States. Blinder HP-905 Compact Triple is added to this package to give you a WEB download capability for the Passport 9500ci and a WEB updatable Blinder HP-905 Compact Triple laser jammer. While the 9500ci updates the photo codes. We add the Blinder HP-905 Compact Triple to the 9500ci radar detector for this reason and that the Blinder is the top laser jammer.

The Passport 9500ci was designed by Escort Radar for X, K, Ka radar in USA and Canada. It detects narrowband Ka Photo radar. This system is totally invisible to all forms of radar detector detector, RDD used in Ameria and Canada, plus it includes speed camera detector, ZR4 laser detector, Blinder HP-905 Triple laser jammer, and WEB updates for both the Passport 9500ci and Blinder HP-905 Triple laser jammer. Performance and broad capability - there is nothing better! The Laser Jammer is set up for laser guns in North America, and this system is WEB updateable. You wanted the best for radar test results and speed trap protection - and this is it!

Passport 9500ci radar detector and Blinder laser jammer is the creme de creme to protect against laser guns, police radar traps, speed cameras and red light cameras. Review results of our radar detector tests. Included are voice alerts, WEB updates, laser jammer and total electronic invisibility from police radar detector detectors, called RDD. If you want absolutely best performance, call 720-635-3931720-635-3931.

Some companies offer cheap installers, but if they do not know their head from there butt, a cheap installer is not a good deal. WE KNOW WHO THE GOOD INSTALLERS ARE. We don't just grab any list of installers. Our customers want good installers and installations. We work with the best installation shops every day.

Add invisibility to any radar detector detector and laser jammer. If you want the best radar detector, the best laser jammer and a speed camera detector, all in one superb system; then this combo package is what you are looking for. It provides radar alerts to any speed camera. Escort radar detector figured out what people want, but we figured out they want even more laser jammer capability. So we added the Blinder X-Treme laser jammer to the Passport 9500ci. The 9500ci radar detector reviewed with the Blinder HP-905 Compact Triple laser jammer is as good as you can get. Maximum protection with a hidden radar detector, speed camera detector and red light camera alerts. Add GPS WEB updates, laser detection and laser jamming to the front and rear of your vehicle. Total electronic invisibility is provided to all any radar detector detector, including RCMP and OPP Spectre RDD in Canada, VG2, VG3, Spectre ii, Spectre iii and Spectre iv+.

We tested the Escort radar detector for performance, and the Passport 9500ci is outstanding in how it brings three major functions together in one package. The Passport 9500ci was on of the best radar detectors in 2011 at Speed Measurement Labs (SML) and we tested the new Blinder HP-905 Compact Triple laser jammer at SML 2012. This escort 9500ci and HP-905 Triple laser jammer is the very best you can go with and the test results confirms a high performance product with hidden radar detector for drivers who want a hidden system in their vehicle providing the best radar, photo speed camera, laser jamming and laser protection in one kit. The Escort Passport 9500ci is a combo radar laser system and is totally invisible to all police radar detector detectors, including, VG2, VG4, Spectre ii, spectre iii, spectre iv and spectre iv+. It is superb at detecting X, K, Ka superwide, POP3 radar, and alerts to all photo speed trap locations as well as red light cameras at intersections throughout the USA and Canada.

The 9500ci includes a GPS speed camera detector and by using the GPS capabilities, the 9500ci will remember where store front, false alert locations are, thus reducing false radar alerts to nearly zero. With the GPS WEB updates combined with radar detector, laser jammer, speed camera alerts, his makes the Escort 9500ci and HP-905 Compact Triple laser jammer the best GPS radar detector jammer.

The Escort 9500ci radar detector module can be hidden behind the grille, or for much better performance and reduced installation cost, hide the 9500ci up on your passenger visor with our RADAR DETECTOR VISOR HOLDER, see details page.

The Escort Passport 9500ci radar detector and ZR4 laser jammer system jams laser with three ZR4 Laser Shifters. The Radar Detector module can be installed in the back of your vehicle by your local installer. The Blinder HP-905 Compact Triple is installed into the front grille. The Blinder laser has WEB updates, while the ZR4 Shifter does not have WEB updates, so you want your best laser jammer in front. If you wish to double your 9500ci radar detection performance, install the radar detector module up on your passenger windshield visor. The Escort 9500ci has the best voice alerts I have ever heard. The Escort Passport 9500ci Radar Detector and Laser Jammer combines the ZR4 Laser Shifter and GPS Lock to provide a superb hidden, radar detector, photo alerts and laser jamming and reduced false radar alerts.

The Escort Passport 9500ci is 100% invisible to radar detector detectors; such as VG-2, VG-4, Spectre III, spctre iv, spectre iv+ radar detector detector. The new Passport Shifter ZR4 Laser Jammer is included with the 9500ci radar detector to detect and jam all police laser guns. You get superb photo speed trap alerts, radar detection, electronic invisibility to all RDD and ZR4 Laser Shifter laser detection in one compact package. The GPS Locate advances radar detection with learning mode to isolate real radar alerts from false radar alerts. The Escort 9500ci radar detector can be used by drivers throughout Canada and USA. It is manufactured in North America. Here is why the 9500ci radar detector is one of the best hidden radar detector and laser jammer systems in the world:

1) One front RADAR antenna to increase signal sensitivity while minimizing false alerts;

2) 100% invisible to all Radar Detector Detectors - VG2, VG4, Spectre III, Spectre iv, Spectre iv+;

3) Radar Detection of Ka police radar and Instant on at 8-10 mile distance on flat highway;

4) Superb at detecting over-the-hill, hidden police radar speed traps;

5) Superb voice alerts on radar, laser and safety warnings (SWS), plus audio alerts;

6) Compact, watertight package for installation behind the grille, front bumper or rear bumper;

7) Fewest false radar alerts of any remote radar detector;

8) Easy to program for city X, X off, K, Ka Superwide, police laser, POP3 radar;

9) GPS modules included to isolate false radar traps and real radar traps, remember photo speed trap locations and red light intersection camera locations;

10) Includes the Shifter ZR4 for rear laser jamming - 3 laser jammers to defeat any laser gun aimed at you, updated to defeat all laser guns used today, including the stealth, dual pulse laser guns - making the Escort Passport 9500ci radar detector a 5 Star rated remote radar detector. Remote mounted with cockpit voice alerts and small compact, Blue Display.

11) Includes the Blinder HP-905 Compact Triple laser jammer for front laser jamming with the Escort 9500ci radar detector to provide a truly top performance package by locating the three ZR4 Shifter laser jammers in the rear of your vehicle.

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