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radar detector laser jammer photo blocker

Many of our customers asked that we provide a way to provide 12 Vdc power to their radar detector, laser jammer and photo radar jammer through a single power switch. It is Made in the USA. All Power Cables are provided for an HP905 Quad, Triple and Dual, as well as the previous M47 laser jammer and M27 laser jammer. Windshield radar detectors (Passport 9500ix, Escort Redline, STi Magnum, Escort Passport) can also be plugged in. In addition, the STiR Plus and Passport 9500ci custom installed radar detectors can be connected to the APC to provide 12 volt power. Laser Interceptor and K40 products can also be connected for 12 volt power.


If you want a single power switch to control all of your radar detector / laser jammer / photo blocker countermeasures, you will love the APC. Customers that have a radar detector, laser jammer and photoblocker in their vehicle, have three power switches to manage. Customer feedback indicates that when a customer goes into a speed trap, they get flustered as to which switch product to turn off or change its operating MODE; and which product to leave on. The APC was designed to bring all your power requirements to one single power control, called the APC Auto Power Control. The APC was designed to reduce 3 different power switches down to one Power Switch with MODE control. The Photo Blocker and Laser jammers have three different power modes, thus the APC can switch both products to its MODE 3 capabilities, MODE 2 Capabilities and MODE 1 capabilities - with a single APC power Control switch.

The APC Power control controls Power and Mode of Operation using 1 rotary power switch to the ProDB Photo Blocker, HP905 laser jammer, and controls power ON/Off to a variety of radar detectors and installed radar detectors. This let's you control all 3 countermeasures thru 1 power/mode switch.

Mode 0 = All Power Off

Mode 1 = HP905 Park Assist ON; License Plate Lights ON; Installed Radar Detector ON, Windshield radar detector OFF

Mode 2 = HP905 Laser Detector Only ON; License Plate Lights ON; Installed Radar Detector ON, Windshield radar detector ON

Mode 3 = HP905 Laser Detect/Jammer ON; License Plate Lights ON; ProDB PhotoBlocker Detect/Block/Alert ON, Installed Radar Detector ON, Windshield radar detector ON

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