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What good is a low-performance, low-cost radar detector or laser scrambler if it doesn't alert you in time or gives too many false alerts? Don't waste money on a product that may cost you more in the end with a missed alert or too many false alerts.

At, helping our customers is more important to us than making a buck selling inferior products. Every year, we participate in radar detector and laser jammers tests with Speed Measurement Labs in El Paso, Texas. We test ALL of the products we sell on our website, and WE ONLY SELL THE BEST RADAR DETECTORS AND LASER JAMMERS IN THE WORLD. We won't sell products that perform poorly. Period. If we don't carry a product you're looking for, you're probably looking for the wrong product!

 Average radar detectors can't detect radar signals coming from police radar traps over hill tops or around blind curves.

Any of our top-rated radar detectors will detect that weak police radar signal and give you time to slow down before you get to the top of that hill or around that blind curve. And the best radar detectors won't give a false alert every time someone in the neighborhood opens their garage door!

 So-called 'passive laser jammers' can't jam a police laser gun aimed at your vehicle. In fact, they don't jam anything!

A M45 laser jammer will blank the speed display of every police laser gun aimed at any location on your vehicle, front or back, giving you time to check your speed.

 10% of photo speed traps use analog cameras, while 90% of photo speed traps have switched to digital cameras.

Passive anti-photo blocker sprays can't block a digital camera. Companies offering these photo radar sprays neglect to tell their customers this.

A superb GPS photo radar product will alert you to approaching speed trap cameras, red light cameras and even high-accident intersections. provides factual product test reports from companies such as Speed Measurement Laboratories.

We focus only on the very best radar detectors, laser jammers, photo radar alert products and complete 360 degree integrated radar detector and laser jammer systems.

We are The Experts in Police Radar and Laser Countermeasures and we provide certified test results of our products in action.